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TAG Heuer Meluncurkan Connected 41 di Indonesia

TAG Heuer secara resmi meluncurkan Connected Watch Modular 41mm di Indonesia dalam sebuah Press Event yang diadakan di On Five Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Peluncuran ini sekaligus melanjutkan sukses dari seri Connected Watch Modular 45mm yang sudah lebih dulu hadir di Indonesia.

The Techie

The Techie

You enjoy: H.G Wells and Jules Verne novels. On the weekends, a long drive in a vintage car reminds you of the beauty found in mastering a machine.
You drink: Layered, exquisite cocktails.
You listen to: A white noise playlist for when needing to feel inspired.
Your heroines are: Inventors. Hedy Lamarr could easily be your style icon.
You should wear: Miss Golden Bridge. Released in 2010, the watch has slimmer dimensions and the option of sparkling embellishments. The baguette movement can still be seen in all its splendour in this feminine version.
The Athlete

The Athlete

You enjoy: The great outdoors.
You drink: Bright, summery fizzes. You judge a bar by its gin and tonic.
You listen to: A fast, dynamic soundtrack, anything from Chopin-esque classical music to hardcore punk Your heroines are: Explorers and Olympic medallists.
You should wear: The Admiral Legend Lady. With 12 nautical pennets replacing traditional hour markers, this collection calls for adventure. A version with a rubber strap or steel bracelet will make it the ideal accessory for a day out on the high seas.
The Artist

The Artist

You enjoy: Self-expression, whether in personal style or creative pursuits.
You drink: At bars with no menu.
You listen to: Nothing you will find on Spotify.
Your heroines are: Genre-defining painters and children.
You should wear: The Bubble. Corum's wild child beckons to those who value individualism. The brand has even invited modern artists to design its 2017 novelties, and the results are wonderfully varied, with anything from a giant eyeball to a spicy interpretation of the Mona Lisa.
The Hostess

The Hostess

You enjoy: Attending or planning elaborate soirees.
You drink: Champagne. Preferably vintage. In a tulip-shaped glass.
You listen to: Mood-setting bossa nova.
Your heroine is: Grace Kelly.
You should wear: The Sublissima. Corum's newest addition to its Heritage line is the perfect interpretation of restrained glamour. The 38mm case is just 7.70mm thick, with a diamond-set bezel and crown. Despite its diminutive size, the Sublissima houses an automatic movement with 50 hours of power reserve.